StoneSheetsLite® starts with a 5mm thick slab of Granite, Marble, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, or Quartzite, finished to your specifications. The reinforced backing is an amazingly resilient 3mm polymer composite/ aluminum skin, providing consistent support to the edge of the material, and acting as an additional waterproof membrane. This material is our thinnest product available, yet the performance of StoneSheetsLite® is shown in strength and resilience far beyond expectations for 2cm slabs. These lightweight, reinforced slabs come in sizes 48" x 96" (122 cm x 244cm) and weigh only ~140 pounds at full size. Like all of our products, we custom cut StoneSheetsLite® to work perfect with your project, or provide you with full slabs of the material to shape yourself.

The revealed face of StoneSheetsLite® is a solid stone without the vulnerability or interruption of grout lines that tile applications create. StoneSheetsLite® installs just as tile would, but by providing coverage for up to almost 32 square feet per piece, in a fraction of the time.

For remodeling projects, StoneSheetsLite® can apply directly over existing tile, adding an element of value engineering, greatly reducing remodeling costs. Custom trim pieces are created to coordinate with the existing decor and conceal any undesirable revealed profiles of existing material.

StoneSheetsLite®, like all of our products, is also customizable for unique applications such as planes and buses. The sound dampening characteristics of the material are an additional feature when used on such applications, where the weight of stone has restricted its use.


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Feature and Benefit Summary

- 5mm thick stone slab + 3mm Polymer Composite Reinforcement

- For a 4ft x 8ft thin stone panel of StoneSheetsLite®, the total weight is only ~140 pounds!

- Easy dispersion, installation, or field trimming when necessary.

- Resilient backing serves as an additional waterproof substrate, with the large size availability causing less seams and less opportunity for mold & mildew to grow.

- Available in nearly every Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, or Quartzite, in any available finish. Coordination with other materials also available.

- Projects demand only ~28% of the shipping requirements of standard 2cm granite, reducing GHG & CO2 Emissions and increasing project safety

StoneSheets® Specifications in CSI Format & GreenFormatTM

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09 75 00

Green Format Listing

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