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Onyx Laminated Glass Slab


StoneSheets® Designer Series begins with your choice of Onyx, cut into thin slabs and bonded to 10mm of Tempered or Clear, low-iron Glass, For smaller size requirements, we also offer a 5mm Tempered Glass option.Our state-of-the-art fabrication precisely cuts StoneSheets® Designer Series to serve as additional components for furniture and unique products made by other OEM Manufacturers. We coordinate the exact onyx and glass type to acheive the desired affect, making illuminated stone easier and more reliable than ever before.

StoneSheets® Designer Series allows light to bring Onyx to life like never before. With traditional solid slab materials, when Onyx is fabricated it is necessary to create reinforcement channels within the material, to support the fragile nature of the material. These channels however, usually made of steel, can interfere with the transparency of the material and require highly skilled fabricators, which can be very costly.

StoneSheets® Designer Series uses tempered glass to reinforce the Onyx, which better allows the transparency of this unique material to be realized. The Tempered Glass provides support to the edge of the Onyx, not relying on the strength of the material itself to support the weight of the pieces, making designs to come to life. Like our other materials, we custom cut our StoneSheets® Designer Series to your specifications, or full slabs are available. Because there are many different types of Onyx, the material chosen will dictate the maximum size available. Ask your representative for more information!

Honey Onyx Backlit

Feature and Benefit Summary

- 5mm thick Onyx Slab + 10mm Tempered Glass Panel (or custom adjustments available)

- Available in any Onyx, with any glass (tinted, structural, etc.) ; additional stone available to coordinate

- Consistent support, from edge to edge, provided by the glass, creates an easy surface for backlit countertops, walls, art pieces, and other works.

- Custom cut or slabs available

- Accessories, of the same material, are available to match designs

- Available in nearly every Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, or Quartzite, in any available finish



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