Stone Selections

Marbles and Dolomites

Marbles are metamorphic stones which are formed as limestone is put under pressure and/or heat. Various minerals are typically within one type of marble, which is often expressed as veining.

Granites and Feldspars

Granites, as they are referred to for building materials, are igneous or metamorphic stones made from cooling magma or metamorphic feldspar and quartz. These are the hardest, most durable options of our stone selections.

Limestone and Travertine

Limestones and Travertines are sedimentary stones made of at least 50% calcium carbonate, and are typically formed under water sources where the skeletons and shells of organisms deposit and combine to create the stone.


Quartize is a metamorphic stone that contains mostly quartz and forms when sandstone is exposed to heat and pressure. This stone is considerably harder than sandstone, with an average moh level of 7+, and requires much more tooling than other stones.


Onyx blocks and slabs are much larger than gemstones, though it is often considered one. Onyx is an agate, and varies greatly from slab to slab within the block. Softer in texture, if used a floor, maintenance is required, but backlit there is nothing more beautiful.


Truly made for a king - or queen, our gemstone slabs and materials are nothing short of breathtaking. Due to block size we often compound these stones, using the finest techniques and clear bonding materials. Some stones are able to be backlit - ask for more info.

textures and medallions

StoneSheets offers a variety of textures for each stone, allowing designer creativity to come to fruition, and wiht our ability to access unique stones, we can often make budgets others are unable to.

Although stone textures available are dependent on the stone selected, our technology and material solutions provide reliable, consistent structural integrity, make stone selection similar to selecting a paint color and texture. Engineers are able to depend on the specificaitons the material cores provide, while the stone serves an aesthetic purpose.

This means that StoneSheets can offer several stones to help fit into tight budget constraints, while still providing the color and texture desired by designers, and the structural requirements specified by engineers and architects. Ask one of our consultants how we can help your project a success.


Patterns and accessories

Because of the vast variety of stones and bonded material options, and our capabilities in stone manufacturing are so technologically advanced, detailed art and panels are easy to assimilate into projects. Custom gargoyles for buildings, sculptures, podiums, waterjet medallions, complicated patterns for facade stone panels, and more - buildings are able to be clad in the most advanced designs you can create in CAD. Normally these offerings would be very costly to produce and install, and often in different hues of the same stone due to differences in availability of slabs on the wholesale market, and fresh blocks from the quarry. Because we produce from a block position, there are very few limits to what we can produce. Ask today how your project can benefit from using StoneSheets as your one stop for stone sourcing.