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It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back. – Seth Godin

Our foundation in construction dates to 1922 in Italy, with our United States presence in stone dating over 20 years. First specializing in solid stone production from block - not slabs, our reputation was formed on our ability to provide custom thicknesses of first quality stones for pontifical applications, with our craftsmanship abilities being tested through production of the finest sculptures that required the highest level of detail and quality. Block purchasing, and the equipment to produce blocks, is unavailable to most companies, so as we have evolved StoneSheets has been able offered this access to projects that was otherwise buried in multiple levels of cost markup and distribution. Typically stone companies purchase slabs that have already been processed from blocks, requiring multiple lots that do not perfectly match to complete projects - StoneSheets can produce all stone items for a project from the same blocks, laid down in the same section of a quarry.

Material Evolution

  • These resources proved invaluable as we developed into mass production of multi-unit residential applications - an easy production class for us. We quickly developed a reputation in the United States for being able to provide unique stones, and as an all-in-one stone source. Our ready to install materials saved projects significant money on labor and materials, and allow projects to truly match materials from the same blocks, not just coordinated slabs. As our hospitality sector grew, we were tapped with the task of making a shower surround product no one else was able to - thinner slabs that required less structural support and increased the speed and ease of installation. SlimSlabs was born, and the historical advantage we once had in thicker materials, was flipped and evolved, giving us the advantage again in the opposite - premium thin stone materials - StoneSheets because our focus.

    As we were pioneering the stone market all over again, we approached this with the same ethics and advantages, using the finest manufacturing techniques with stone sourcing unavailable to most. Building off our SlimSlabs success, we partnered with aerospace allies, sourcing the highest quality aluminum honeycomb, capturing a new sector of the stone market that catered to the progresses in building codes - curtainwalls, cladding, through the development of our StoneSheets-AL and StoneSheets-TL product lines. We offer multiple honeycomb types for these materials to cater to the application and structural requirements.

why choose us?

StoneSheets Materials make the finest panels available

Using only the finest materials available, we take no shortcuts with adhesives, blocks, and substrates. German adhesives, top grade and reputable aerospace aluminum honeycomb, high tech ballistic components, and other specialized components are assembled on the finest equipment in the industry, using 9 polishing wheels instead of cheap resins, and capitalizing on controls that are at the mercy of other companies that choose to split slabs and buy materials through typical and easy accessible wholesale lines. With such a foundation in stone, we know the potential for micro-fissure formations from inexperienced manufacturing techniques. You can trust in our stone expertise, and trust in our decision to use the finest materials on the market - even if it absorbed some of our potential profit - we trust aerospace industries production of honeycomb and do not take this task in-house. Your can rely on our material, knowing the best standard is present in each component - making a superior final product.

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