SlimSlabs Thin Granite Panels

SlimSlabs® is our oldest running product, starting in hospitality client applications, and finding its way into applications such as furniture, simple cladding applications such as planters and signs, remodeling and of course the standard for this product, shower surrounds and tub surrounds.

SlimSlabs® is available in harder stones only, granites, quartzites, and various feldspars are all best suited for this material. SlimSlabs® is typically 8-9mm thick, with 8mm being stone and 1mm being a solid, tightly woven fiberglass, which is bonded to the stone. With a maximum size of 4ft x 8ft (1,220mm x 2,440mm) this product at full size weighs on average 130 lbs (59kgs), depending on the stone chosen; black granites are the most dense and weighing up the heaviest. For marbles and travertines similar to SlimSlabs®, see PolySlabs® or click HERE.

Superior Lightweight Solid Stone Panels

SlimSlabs® lightweight stone panels are made of solid stone, and are applied with typical stone adhesive or mastic, and install the same way as stone tiles. These panels are lightweight slabs of natural stone, reinforced with fiberglass for durability, and quick and easy application. Ask about our solid stone soap dishes and accessories to complete your new construction or remodeling projects.

Custom options available to create a unique, under budget, easy to install surround that add value to projects, and instant ROI. Quickly installs like tile, without the structural reinforcement required for full slab installations.


SlimSlabs® are installed using adhesive typical of stone tile applications such as mastic or epoxy in some situations such as signs and planters. Setting pins can be used to secure panels as adhesive cures, and because the expansion rate of granites are minimal, minimal seams are possible (verify with MIA - Marble Institute of America the tolerances of the specific stone selected).

When using silicone for edge sealing of SlimSlabs® , it is important to use materials that are non-staining and comply with the stone selected. There are no artificial stone options available, so the same standards that apply to other natural stone applications, apply to SlimSlabs®; be sure all related materials comply. SlimSlabs® is a non-structural material that should be used only to dress and clad structurally sound applications that comply with L/300 or better standards of engineering for deflection.

SlimSlabs® takes the complications out of using solid stone slabs, while still providing all the aesthetic benefits. Ask your representative about textures and patterns available to make the most complicated designs simple and easy to install.

Quality Assured

  • Design assistance and stone consulting is available to ensure projects full potential is maximized and budgets are satisfied.

  • Precision manufacturing ensures even the most complicated designs are completed using the best equipment and stringent guidelines.

  • Stone is selected by hand, ensuring quality standards are met or exceeded.

  • Quality Control Standards are checked in triplicate, during rough production, final production, and at shipping.